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First Class Auto Transport is a bonded and licensed car transport company by the Department of Transportation (license number MC#: xxx-xxx) and offers fully secure open and enclosed shipping trailers.

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport haulers have many advantages and are the most popular choice among our customers. Your car is transported in a trailer with an open top and sides and can vary in size from a 1-car flat hauler to an 11-car dual-level hauler. Trailers that haul 8-10 cars are the most common among our fleet of trucks. Open auto transport is very popular because these trucks are readily available and very affordable.

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed car transport Haulers can hold 1-8 cars and offer your vehicle full protection from the weather and road damage, so you won’t need to detail your vehicle when you pick it up. Customers with classic antique, exotic or high-end sport cars, or vehicles with expensive paint jobs, often choose enclosed car transport trailers.

Enclosed car transport is more expensive than open auto transport, and width and height restrictions apply.

With our superior customer service and competitive pricing, First Class Auto Transport is your number one choice when you need an experienced and reliable auto transport company to ship your car safely and efficiently. We look forward to assisting you with your car transport needs.

Dealerships/Auto Auctions/Sea Ports

First Class Auto Transport is a full service hassle free transporting company; we pride ourselves in working together with some of the largest car dealerships and leasing companies in the country as their exclusive transporters. We offer only the highest standard of service: competitive pricing , door-to-door service, status updates , open and enclosed trailers, free quotes and a company representative exclusively assigned to you, making your job easier and allowing us to keep busy with all your transport needs.

Offering 24hr customer service 7 days a week! Let us know some of the prices you’re paying and we will be glad to save you the time and money. Beyond price, when considering a transporter you need to also consider the quality of the trucks being used to ship, the quality of the insurance coverage the trucks are carrying, and the time it is going to take to deliver your vehicle. First Class Auto Transport services ALL auto auctions, along with a fleet of trucks covering the entire continental United States!!

International Shipping

First Class Transport offers international shipping services. We make the relocating of your vehicle to another country a smooth transition. Our service includes picking up your car from your home and transporting it to an awaiting cargo ship that will then deliver your car to a port nearest to your destination. Please note that when shipping overseas, custom agents will be inspecting your vehicle for any illegal materials or personal items. Please make sure that your car is free of any contra-band that may prevent your vehicle from passing customs. Our staff will inform you on the additional requirements needed for international shipping.


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