Because it is not about moving cars, it is about move your car or your fleet

Let’s face it. Moving cars is not something you do every day. It’s not something you do unless you’re a luxury car dealer.

Auto transport or moving your car requires a certain trust. The moment when you hand over the keys to your beloved vehicle is a step that involves not only knowledge about the company and as mentioned trust. It also requires a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to moving your car.

At First Class Auto Transporters, all our drivers are experienced truckers and drivers. Each and every one of them shines through with excellent driving records, no accidents or any inconveniences in loading or unloading vehicles of any kind. Our trucks are equipped with GPS for permanent status updates, knowing where your vehicle is located assures the best quality and service when we are moving cars. It also assures that your vehicles is in good hands and well taken care of during the entire procedure of moving your car.

We provide a First Class experience in moving cars. Our truckers are always available for you no matter what time you need to know about your vehicle, so there would never be a need to worry. We pick up and deliver your car from door to door through either open or enclosed transport, depending on your needs. First Class Auto Transporters is the right company combining best service, customers care, quality and reliable service, when moving your car.

Give us a call at 954-857-3973 anytime and we will be more than welcome to discuss with you all details and answer all your questions.

At First Class Auto Transporters, it is not just about moving cars, it is about move your car.