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Affordable and safe international car transport for the wholesale car dealerships

International car transport could be by plane or ship, depending on the destination. It could also be by rail or road to nearby countries that are not separated by sea. International vehicle shipping is expensive as it has to cross borders to other countries. It is because of the costs of moving them by plane or ship and the many duties and charges payable to the authorities. Also, it needs special care as the cars meant for international auto shipping are worth the expenses for clients. First Class Auto Transport, responsible for wholesale auto shipping offers thousands of clients to trust us for the best international car transport.

international car transport for the wholesale car dealerships

International vehicle shipping is an expensive endeavour that needs experience and expertise to do with no hassles. We have all the capabilities backed with two decades of international auto shipping experience to do it easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Our team not only has the experience and capabilities but is licensed and insured to do all international car transport fast. Since cars have become part and parcel of most peoples’ lives, time is crucial in delivering cars across international borders on time and safely. We have all the required certifications and bonded with FMC or Federal Maritime Commission and are also an accredited international mover affiliated by FIDI or International Federation of International movers.

International auto shipping by our team is at competitive costs but with no compromise on the quality of our service. We give transparent upfront costs with no hidden charges for international vehicle shipping to countries near and far. As an experienced international car transport for two decades in the US for all states, we offer affordable costs considering all the charges incurred during the car transport to other countries. A few charges for international auto shipping include shipping distance, vehicle type, size, model, customs duty, marine insurance, taxes, and other charges.

The automobile industry’s rapid growth has continued for over a century in the US and worldwide. Automakers spend billions of dollars annually transporting their produced vehicles from their many plants to thousands of dealers across America and in many other countries. And only the best wholesale auto shipping like us is suitable for transporting cars for dealerships. First Class Auto Transport is a leading wholesale auto transport in all the states and other countries. We have over 300 trucks to run across America in all the states to pick up new cars from many manufacturers’ plants to deliver to the nearly 50,000 dealers. Also, we offer the best international auto shipping to import and export cars from and to the US.

How do we offer the best dealership auto transport?

With over twenty years of experience, First Class Auto Transport knows all the intricacies of transporting new vehicles from manufacturers to dealers. Our wide network in all the states enables us to pick up cars fast and easy from the several plants of the manufacturers to deliver to dealers on time safely. We have one specialist for each dealership who will be the one-stop contact between us to provide professional service throughout the car journey from the pickup place to the delivery destination. With excellent talent and experience, the specialist will cater to all the transport needs of the manufacturers to send the cars to specific dealers across America. Also, with expert service could be the future contact person for further transport of cars safely and quickly.

Car manufacturers spend billions of dollars transporting their new cars to reach the dealers safely. And manufacturers pass on these costs to the consumers to pay more to buy them, which has become a burden. Hence automakers want to reduce such destination charges included in the MSRP or manufacturers’ suggested retail price to the consumers. As an experienced wholesale auto transport company, we understand the automakers’ situation and charge only competitive costs for transporting cars for dealerships. But with no compromise in the quality of our service, we ensure safe and quick delivery of cars to dealers.

How do we provide the best wholesale auto shipping for used cars?

During 2019 over 102 million used cars were shipped, which is increasing yearly. People who want the best cars but cannot afford to buy them new opt for used cars. Hence the used car market is to increase at a CAGR of 6% to reach 2,526.02 from 1,4115.5 billion dollars from 2020 to 2030. Hence there is increased need for the best-used car dealership auto transport. First Class Auto Transport is the top wholesale car shipping many dealers prefer for their domestic and international car transport. We deliver used cars from dealers to customers in all fifty states on time at reasonable costs.

international car transport for the wholesale car dealerships

What are the benefits of hiring us to transport cars for dealerships?

Wholesale car transportation for new or used cars needs experts and experience to handle and deliver them safely. We have all these qualities to be the best wholesale car shipping in the US for many years. Our hundreds of trucks driven by qualified, licensed, insured and competent drivers across America have ensured that for over two decades. Our handlers use advanced hydraulic lifts to upload and unload cars to not always cause even small damages to be perfect on deliveries. There are many more benefits of our expert transporting cars for dealerships that include.

  • Enables safe and quick pickup and delivery at the doorsteps of the manufacturer plants and dealer showrooms
  • Charges are competitive to reduce the MSRP to help manufacturers to sell cars at a lower price than competitors to increase sales.
  • Ensures on-schedule delivery of used cars for the wholesale car dealerships to increase their sales and profit
  • Offer the best international car transport to many countries that are quick and safe to reach the destination within schedule.
  • Provides peace of mind to individuals and dealers for handling and delivering the cars safe, fast and with no damage to near and far-off places

To know more benefits of hiring us for transporting cars for dealerships, call us now or click on our site to increase the business beyond expectations


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