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The best international and wholesale auto shipping at affordable costs

International car transport has increased in the last few decades because of globalization and the digitalization of the business world. If moving from one state to another is a stressful experience, moving from one country to another is challenging. As a seasoned transport company with over two decades of experience, First Class Auto Transport offers the best international vehicle shipping services. Our international auto shipping, trusted by thousands of clients for many years, enables us to reduce relocation stress and challenges.

Our international vehicle shipping is with all certifications, licenses, and insurance and bonded with the UF FMC or Federal Maritime Commission. With years of experience, we have good standing with FIDI or the International Federation of International Movers to be an Accredited International Mover. We provide different international car transport to safely and cost-effectively move cars from one country to another. A few of the ways of our international auto shipping include.

Many international auto shipping ways

  • Using a sole shipping container to move luxury, vintage and other valuable cars which could be more expensive than other ways of international car transport
  • Consolidated container shipping, which is transporting with other cars, may take time as the transport starts after the entire container is full only.
  • RORO or roll-on/roll-off shipping is securing the car in the vessel without the container protection but cheaper

First Class Auto Transport offers affordable costs compared to others for all international car transport methods. It is because of our two decades of experience in transporting cars to all the states in the US and also internationally. We know all the intricacies of international vehicle shipping to reduce unnecessary expenses. Also, our talented team of professional car transporters help our clients throughout the journey from one country to other. As the best international auto shipping service for years, we offer peace of mind to our clients for transporting their valuable cars to other countries.

Wholesale car transportation is the lifeline of automobile industry to transport millions of vehicles made by manufacturers to thousands of dealers across America and countries worldwide. For over two decades, we are transporting cars for dealerships at competitive costs with no let out in the safety or the timely delivery. Our team has enough experience in dealership auto transport to any state in the US and other countries. We have over 300 open and enclosed trailers for effective wholesale car shipping so dealers can choose the right one per their requirements and budget.

Why First Class Auto Transport is the best auto dealership car transport?

The US is one car manufacturing hub for fulfilling the car-crazy American needs and exporting to other countries. There are many plants for each manufacturer in North America and other countries that need the best wholesale auto shipping to deliver the cars on time with no damage. Our expert team, backed by years of experience, offer wholesale car dealership the right domestic and international car transport at competitive costs. We offer the maximum efficiency to pick up cars from the many plants and deliver them to the scheduled destinations.

international and wholesale auto shipping

Why are we the best used wholesale car dealership?

First Class Auto Transport offers the best used wholesale car dealership in all the states. Tens of millions of used cars exchange hands yearly through its tens of thousands of independent used car dealers. Most of them need used wholesale car transportation to all the states that are cost-effective and safe to reach the buyers on time. As an experienced wholesale auto shipping, we have been the right choice for used car dealers for many years. Our team strives hard to keep their trust to pick up and deliver used cars at competitive costs with no compromise on the quality of service and delivery.

Why is First Class Auto Transport best for transporting cars for dealerships?

People buy cars from dealers across America and worldwide. Manufacturers need the best and reliable wholesale auto transport to deliver the cars from many of their plants to the dealers on time and in good shape. Only reputed wholesale car shipping can provide such a trusted service to manufacturers for years. We have been one such renowned wholesale car transportation company for the past two decades. It is because of many reasons that include.

  • For wholesale auto transport, we offer the most competitive costs because of our wide network among all the states in the US and also in other countries.
  • Our international auto transport has been the best for over twenty years; many clients trust us for transporting their most valuable luxury, classic, vintage and other precious cars.
  • We have over 300 trucks to run across North America to deliver all cars without damage from weather, pollution, dirt and other.
  • Our best hydraulic lifts help to load and unload cars for safe handling to not cause even small damage to the cars.
  • We have an experienced team to choose the right person for each wholesale car dealership to help throughout the car journey and become the one-point contact for future transportation needs
  • Our auto dealership car transport is the best in the US to earn the trust of hundreds of individual clients for international car transport.
  • We are also the most trusted international air shipping company for many dealers to deliver cars to dealers in other countries.
  • Our expert service also helps the used wholesale car dealerships to deliver the cars on schedule to develop their business beyond expectations.
  • We offer one-stop domestic and international auto shipping to many dealers for new and old cars with open and enclosed transportation per their needs and budget.
  • Our wholesale auto transport to all the states and overseas is with all the licenses, certifications, accreditations, and others to comply with all regulations of the authorities.

Call us now or visit our site for more reasons; we are the best wholesale and international auto transport company to deliver safe, quick, cost-effective cars.


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